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Wedding Traditions

Today is Louise & John Andrews 42nd Wedding Anniversary! We are so excited for them.

John and Louise were married in 1982 in Highpoint NC. They were married in a church and

Louises parents hosted the coctail hour as well as the reception in their garden. It was untraditional for people to have yard weddings in this time period, so some may say John and Louise were "trend setters".

Let's review some trends that have changed over the years:

  1. Bouquet and Garter Toss:

  • Decline in participation due to perceptions of being outdated or uncomfortable.

  1. Cake Cutting:

  • Some couples forgo the cake entirely in favor of preferred desserts.

  • Others opt for private cake-cutting, then serve it to guests.

  1. First Dance:

  • Some couples skip the first dance.

  • Others combine parent dances (father-daughter/mother-son) into one event.

  1. Hair and Makeup Artists:

  • This use to not be expected, but is now almost common place.

  1. Venue Choices:

  • Shift from traditional church weddings to garden ceremonies and tented receptions.

  1. Customized Vows:

  • Increasingly popular, allowing couples to personalize their commitments.

  1. Wedding Registries:

  • Moved online, making them more accessible and convenient.

  1. Digital Invitations and RSVPs:

  • Many couples now send invitations and manage RSVPs electronically.

  1. Wedding Websites:

  • Created for easy guest viewing and information sharing.

  1. Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Bridesmaids often choose their own dresses within a designated color scheme, rather than identical outfits.

  1. Digital Guest Books:

  • Traditional guest books are increasingly replaced by digital versions.

Despite these changes (and many others), the core purpose of wedding traditions—to celebrate love and commitment—remains steadfast. Couples continue to honor their heritage while making their weddings a reflection of their unique relationship. This blend of old and new ensures weddings remain cherished celebrations, evolving with the times yet rooted in the timeless celebration of love.

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