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Wedding Invites - DIY

Wedding invites can be expensive and you do not always calculate these into the budget, they tend to be an after thought. You can make your invites simple or elaborate. If you are going simple I recommend using websites like Zola, Minted, ZazzlePapier. Using these websites can make the invitation process more stream line and simple, but you don't always get one of a kind invitations. If you are wanting more unique invitations I recommend going through a specialty vendor or attempting to DIY.

If you are looking to DIY some things to think about:


What kind of paper do you want to use? You can go simple and just use a heavier weight paper or you can go more specialty and do a hand made paper.

The fun thing about hand made paper is the deckled edges. These edges add texture and a unique quality to the paper. Keep in mind deckled edges will be more expensive. Or if you have a lot of time on your hands and you are in a crafty mood you can make your own.

See some fun videos about making your own paper:

If you don't want to make hand made paper you can also purchase it online through sites like Etsy or amazon.

A happy medium is buying water color paper and ripping the edges. See the youtube video for an example.

Some of my favorite options are:

25 Pages Natural $17.00

50 Pages Floral $14.95

50 Pages of White $18.00

A happy medium is buying water color paper and ripping the edges. See the youtube video for an example.

Printing on paper

If you have normal paper, I recommend getting them printed at your local print shop.

If you are going with hand made or purchased specialty paper see this DIY video of how to print at home.


Stamps, you can do a lot of different things here, you can get the traditional American flag stamp or you can go more vintage. Some people even get multiple stamps and do a collection. See the below image for reference. This can be more price and time consuming.

I recommend sticking to just one stamp. This is more price effective and you need to think about the stamp that goes on the return envelope.

Here are some good options:

100 stamps for $70

90 stamps for $85

20 stamps for $20

Envelope Exterior

I love the wax seal! You don't have to break the bank to get these. I recommend ordering these adhesive seals. To make these stick better you can use hot glue. You can also add more details with dried babies breath or string! See some examples below.

50 gold wax seals for $10

500 pieces of dried babies breath

42 pieces of yellow dried flowers $19

Gold thread $10

Don't hand write your return address, get one of these custom stamps

There is so much more you can explore with DIY wedding invites, but I hope this post starts the creative juices to flow!

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